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Get to Know Keto

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Get to Know Keto

Tis the season to shed winter weight, but with so many fad diets circulating online and in the news, it’s hard to discern healthy weight loss solutions from media hype that will leave your metabolism in shambles.

Keep Calm and Stay Regular with Fiber

Functional Foods (n) - a food that is consumed for a health benefit beyond basic nutrition. If you have a Facebook profile, you’ve probably experienced the functional foods movement.

QUIZ: Which Diet Fits Your Life?

Diets are a lot like horizontal stripes: they work for some people, but they’re definitely not for everyone. For example, while a high-protein diet might be making some of your Facebook friends drop their winter weight in a New York minute, it might turn you into a sluggish carnivore with a newfound resentment for bacon.

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