Lunch: Savings Tips You Need to Know

It’s not hard to love lunch—but sometimes it’s easy to dread shopping, preparing and paying for it. Beat the lunchroom blues with a few of our favorite tips for saving time, money and calories on the midday meal.

Bust hunger without breaking the bank with three, money-saving steps you can try right now.

Bag Your Own Snacks

Pre-packaged foods can take a huge bite out of your budget! Start saving by packaging your own chips, crackers, and veggies. It’s a little bit of effort that can save you a lot.

Love Your Leftovers

Spend more time selecting dinners you love, then make more of it. Your lunch the next day will be better with almost no prep or extra spending—win-win!

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Mornings can be a bit of a hustle. Make them a little less hectic with these time-saving fridge hacks.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Buy a small storage bin for organizing lunch items in your fridge. When morning rolls around, you’ll be able to grab what you need and go, go, go!

Plan for Fresh and Fast

Stock up on fresh-cut fruit cups for a healthy snack when you’re in a hurry.

Be Friends with Your Freezer

Freeze PB&J sandwiches for a fast, on-the-go solution that also doubles as a handy ice pack!

tips for cutting calories... not flavor

Cutting calories doesn’t have to make for bland lunches. Give these simple tricks a try and you’ll be shaping up in no time!

Make Smart Swaps

Instead of greasy chips loaded with calories, choose popcorn or rice cakes as your sandwich companion.

Cut Down on Carbs

Go breadless! Swap your slices for sandwich rollups, tasty bites made with cheese and lunch meat.

Become a Fiber Fanatic

Fill up faster with fiber-dense side dishes like a handful of almonds or steamed edamame.

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