2023 Frozen Foods Month

Frozen Foods are some of the most versatile products we have in our arsenal. March is not only National Nutrition Month, and also National Frozen Foods Month. As we come into the spring and summer months, produce will start being harvested in the fresh arena in peak flavor and until then you will see us using the frozen options. As far as other convenience items it’s important to stay cognizant of the nutrition facts panel and the things you prioritize for your general health. For example, if you watch your sodium levels due to heart health, it’s challenging to find meals and snacks that fit the sodium requirement of heart health guidelines. That in mind, we’ve got a few nutrient dense better for you picks where you can build a quick and simple snack or breakfast.


Sausage Links

We’re a big fan of quick convenient options like breakfast sausage. Ever since becoming a mom it feels essential to provide a well rounded breakfast with variety. We’ve talked through a few of our other favorite breakfast items and we’ve found another one for both adults and littles. With that said the AppleGate No Sugar Pork Sausage is a favorite for our littles because it’s likely that they are only eating half to one piece, pending on the age of your little. It also adds a bit of protein to the meal for an adult but try to take it down to two links so that you can control the sodium a bit more


Frozen Produce

We are forever and always going to find our favorites in this category but to talk more generally we love this section for the versatility and freshness. We like to suggest buying plain and then letting your tastebuds guide you. This also helps with bettering your budget. 


Frozen Waffles

It comes as no surprise here that we love our carbohydrates and also love a quick hack. We appreciate these options both for adults and kids alike. It gives versatility outside of the other quick options like cereal and toast.