Father’s Day Grilling Must Have’s

Father’s Day is right around the corner and boy do we want to spoil the dads in our lives like crazy! They bring a lot to the table and we can’t wait to celebrate them with a good meal and a few of our favorite things around the store. 


A Good Cut

Notice how we didn’t say what type of meat here. We have plenty of dads who aren’t red meat lovers at the moment and may be more enticed by fish. Whatever the dad(s) in your life are into, lean into that. We love a good leaner option like fish, turkey, pork loin, pork round, or steak rounds, sirloin, or a 90/10 ground beef. They will all have different fat levels and cook times so know your game plan before you head out to the grill. 


The Seasoning

Use what you like, but don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. You never know what may come of that experiment! Let’s talk specifically about seasonings. Do you like a  dry rub or a wet one? For example, if you’re used to dry rubs and you use a wet one the ratios are different, basting is different, wrapping is different, and the very obvious one, the flavor is different. Sauces can be tricky with the amounts of sodium and added sugars but remember, when grilling and smoking a decent amount is lost in the cooking process since the meat is dripping. We really want you to be aware of anything you add after the fact.


The Tools

Tongs, metal skewers, grilling cages, and silicon brushes are great tools to help aid dad in finding his perfect recipe of success for different styles of meat. Each tool we have in our kitchen serves a purpose and grilling can use some of the same ones but definitely has a few more intricacies. Start with a few basics and depending on what the dad(s) in your life need, lean in to finding what would make their grilling time easier