3 Heart Lifestyle Snacks

We’ve heard it over and over from singles to those with children. The fight to get some semblance of a nutritious dinner on the table in a pinch can be a challenge especially with all of the factors that can come into play before the 5-7PM dinner rush. With that in mind if you are more in-tune with needing time focused options, sometimes the budget priority is sacrificed, but not always. That’s why it’s called priorities right? Here’s a few questions to ask yourself in order to better plan:

  1. What nights am I really in a bind and can I do anything ahead of time to be better prepared?
  2. Is my fridge well stocked with condiments to make any flavor profile I’m feeling happen?
  3. Do I have an easy pantry or freezer staple in place as a backup?


With those questions in mind, here are some of our favorite things we grab when we are in a pinch for time be it a quick trip from the office or a quick in-and out before dashing home to prepare everything:

  1. Rotisserie Chicken or Ready Meals Pulled or Grilled Chicken
  2. Ready Meals
  3. Salad Kits
  4. Frozen Vegetables
  5. Canned Beans
  6. 60 Second Pasta or Rice packages
  7. Jarred Pasta Sauce
  8. Hard Boiled Eggs
  9. Steamed Shrimp at the Meat and Seafood Counter
  10. Canned or Packaged Fish


All of these options are versatile, taking you throughout your day in a flash. Sometimes elaborate meals are nice, but not on the agenda.