Pack a pool bag like a super-mom

3 Ways to Pack a Pool Bag Like a Super-mom

If “Can we go to the pool? PUH-LEEAASE??” isn’t the anthem of your summer, you probably don’t have kids. Fortunately, beating the heat is no sweat with these three answers to your most burning pool day plights.

“But I don’t WANT to put on sunscreen.”

We get it, kid. One wrong move and you’ll be spending the day rubbing harsh chemicals out of your eyes. Luckily, there’s all-natural sunblock—pain-free goop that says ‘no’ to animal testing and ‘yes’ to gentle, all-natural ingredients!

A few of our faves are:

“Can I get a snack?”

When “hangry” sets in at the pool, things can get ugly—fast. Though the snack stand might beckon like the promise land to your kiddo, the extra sugar will turn your day in the sun into a living nightmare. Pack a few healthy, portable pool snacks for an emergency pick-me-up that will totally boost your super-mom status.

  • Frozen grapes, blueberries & raspberries
  • Frozen melon, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, mangoes (dice them before you freeze them!)
  • Frozen yogurt tubes

PRO TIP: Place the yogurt tubes in the freezer overnight and come snack time, they’ll be nice and slushy!

  • Munk Packs
  • Celery with peanut butter
  • Mini Babybel
  • Laughing Cow Dippers
  • Chomps Jerky Sticks

PRO TIP: Using a plastic mason jar or Solo® cup, add peanut butter to the bottom of the jar and place celery sticks on top for easy transportation and clean up!

“I’m Bored”

Unfortunately, we live in the time of tablets and video games, so when the glamour of the pool wears off a little faster than you’d like, keep the kids occupied by taking your pool game to the next level with these ideas:

For Them:

  • Diving sticks
  • Pool noodles

For You:

  • A pair of your favorite sunglasses
  • Latest fashion mag

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