All Things Artificial

Additives in foods perform many different types of functions. Some additives could be eliminated if you were to grow and harvest it yourself but that isn’t always feasible with modern day life. Some of those functions include:

  • Improve or maintain freshness
  • Improve or maintain quality
  • Improve or maintain nutritional value
  • Improve or maintain taste, texture, appearance


So what are the three that we see trending that our shoppers are starting to become more aware of?

  • Artificial Colors: Artificial colors are food additives used to provide or enhance characteristic colors in food products
  • Artificial Preservatives: are chemical substances that get added to food during the manufacturing process
  • Artificial Sweeteners: are synthetic sugar substances. They are 1 type of sugar substitute, not to be confused with that entire category.

Foods with these claims, if you are wanting to steer clear of them, can be found on the front of packages with a certification stamp. Something important to note, is that the FDA has the primary legal responsibility for determining their safe use. GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) is the term we use when talking with guests about these products. When evaluating the safety of a substance and whether it should be approved, the FDA considers: 1) the composition and properties of the substance, 2) the amount that would typically be consumed, 3) immediate and long-term health effects, and 4) various safety factors. If you have questions about products when it comes to your health, be sure to talk with your healthcare team.