All Things Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin Puree is one of those things during every fall season that most people look forward to. Everything from Starbucks releasing their ever-so-popular latte to candle companies peppering in the pumpkin scent into candles. Can you blame the people? No! Let’s fall in love with some great uses and tips for using canned pumpkin:


  • Added into oatmeal or yogurt
    • Since you are adding it yourself rather than finding it already in a product you get to (1) add in as much or little of the flavor your festive heart desires and (2) it’s only that ingredient rather than maybe a few others 
  • Make a compound butter
    • Sounds fancy, but it’s only two ingredients and you can use it on your next slice of toast, cornbread with chili or grilled chicken recipe. Just mix room temperature butter with the puree and set it in the fridge to harden. Add any additional ingredients as you see fit
  • Add it into your mashed potatoes
    • It will have a similar consistency and I bet the kids would love a fun halloween color gracing their plate. We’ll show you how to do this in an upcoming shepards pie recipe so stay tuned


  • Make sure the jar says 100% pure pumpkin
  • Freeze leftover puree in individual ice cubes to use in a sauce or smoothie later
  • If you just have a little bit left but not enough to freezer it subs out well for oil in baked goods, or can help thicken up your net crockpot soup