Apples On The Shelves

As we head into apple season there are so many varieties to choose from within the produce section. But did you know you can find apples year found all around the grocery store? We’ve got you covered on some of our favorite center store finds so be sure to check them out and reap the benefits of this delicious fruit. aren’t just found in the produce section. Our favorite center store finds:


Bare Apple Chips

  • This is a crunchy sweet snack at it’s finest. With the only ingredient being apples we love that there is no added sugar in this snack. They can be mixed in with cereal, yogurt, trail mix, and the list goes on. 


Apple Sauce Cups and Pouches

  • Be it a cup or a pouch this option of apple is versatile for a snack, paired with lunch, or added into cakes or as a breakfast additive. 


100% apple juice – no added sugar (in tubs or individual pouches)

  • This isn’t meant to take the place of whole fruit in the slightest but this is an excellent way to get a few vitamins and minerals 


KIND Apple Cinnamon Cereal

  • Ingredients mean the most to us when it comes to cereal. With oats and apples being in the top 5 ingredients that makes us very happy when suggesting this product. You can eat it as breakfast cereal or as a granola in yogurt or add a few nuts in and make your own trail mix. 


Kodiak Cakes Apple Cinnamon Power Cup

  • These powerful little cups pack in 250 calories and 10g of protein. For non-breakfast eaters it’s great because there’s no prep and not a high volume eater.