At Home Game Night

Now, more than ever we are seeing a continued rise of families gathering around the table for a meal. To keep things fresh and fun after mealtime, why not play a game to get in more quality time together?

  • Board games
    • Bust out the closet goodies! Pull out a retro game to teach your kids or if they are older one from their childhood that they use to love. Some of the ones we found in our closet are: chutes and ladders, apples to apples, and pictionary.
  • Card games
    • There are so many variations of card games out there! Try picking a new one as a family to learn together or one that you’ve enjoyed from your past. Some of the ones that come to our mind are: egyptian war, spades, and spoons. 
  • Get outdoors
    • Weather it’s sport specific like a game of catch, throwing the frisbee, or hop scotch getting outside for game night has endless possibilities. A timed squirt gun painting contest might be our most recent favorite and makes a fun mess that everyone will enjoy.

Games are a priceless way to create memories with your family and during this ever-evolving time and a great way to create quality time. Try having your own game night now that temperatures are past their peak and we head into the fall months.