Back To School Meals In Minutes

Weeknight meals in under 30 minutes? Is it even possible?! Yes it is. We know a few great short-cuts that pack a nutritional punch to keep your family fueled and satisfied. Here are our meal component must-haves to pull together weeknight wonders in a pinch

  1. Protein
    1. Rotisserie Chicken
    2. Steamed shrimp
    3. Pre-made Turkey Meatloaf 
  2. Veggies
    1. No salt added canned vegetables
    2. Steammable in bag vegetables from the produce section
    3. Signature Kitchen Hashbrown Patties
  3. Carbs
    1. 60 second Barilla pasta
    2. 1 minute brown rice and Quinoa
    3. Whole Grain Tortillas
  4. Dairy
    1. Fairlife Milk
    2. Goat Cheese
    3. Greek Yogurt
  5. Flavor Boosters
    1. Cucina Antica Marinara
    2. Freak Flag Pestos
    3. Better Than Bouillon