Be In the Know: Sugar Free Candy

We see sugar-free candy everytime we take a stroll down the candy aisle. While packaging and advertising make it seem healthier, is there a difference between sugar free candy and regular candy? 

Sugar free candy is generally suggested for those with diabetes. When an individual has diabetes, their biggest concern is avoiding a blood sugar spike. Consuming regular candy would cause a spike to occur, but sugar free candy does not when consumed in correct portions. Sugar free candy is made with artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes to lower calories and prevent blood sugar spikes all while making sure the candy still tastes like a treat. While these artificial sweeteners cut back on some carbohydrates and calories, they do not cut back on all. If you are really trying to limit the calories and carbohydrates you consume, sugar free options will help, but only in the slightest. Many people report that the artificial sweetener in these candies alters taste and can cause some GI issues such as diarrhea. That being said, while sugar free candies may be a healthier option for some, they are not an overall healthier choice than regular candy, just different. Both sugar-free and regular candy should always be consumed in moderation which makes them apart of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.