Brew Your Mood

Brew Your Mood

Get those kettles whistling, sleeping “brew-teas”! It’s time to pay homage to a drink that has been making us look and feel great for literally thousands of years. Grab a jar of honey and give your mug a hug because these five benefits of drinking tea will bring you much closer together.

It Can Actually Make You Happier

What It Does: Yep. With less caffeine than a cup of coffee, tea can help you feel alert and refreshed without overloading your system.

What to Try: Reclaim your joy with a steaming cup of lemon, mango, turmeric or hibiscus tea.

It Can Help You Feel Less Stressed

What It Does: It’s true! The ritual of making and sipping that steamy goodness has been claimed to have a soothing, medicinal effect on the mind.

What to Try: Kick stress to the curb by brewing a cup of almond creme, lavender or chamomile tea.

It Breaks Down Your Creative Block

What It Does: The cleansing effect tea has on our bodies doesn’t exclude our minds! Drinking tea can lead your mind to a place of peace and meditation—you know, where our fickle senses of creativity like to hide.

What to Try: Reconnect with your inner creative genius in-between sips of energy-boosting Matcha or Yerba Mate tea.

It Can Help Block Hunger

What It Does: There’s nothing worse than nourishing your body with a healthy meal, only to ruin it with a giant, guilty bowl of ice cream. By drinking a cup of tea, you can still enjoy the satisfaction a blend of flavors can bring, but in a manner that is much better for you.

What to Try: Say goodbye to post-dinner munchies with a piping mug of jasmine or apple-cinnamon tea.

It Can Help You Stay Focused

What It Does: The winning combo of caffeine and brain-boosting antioxidants can help stay productive all day long!

What to Try: Keep your eye on the prize by keeping Earl Grey, Oolong, sage or Rooibos in your cup.

Pinkies Up, Darlings!

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