Cooking With Seafood

Seafood is one of those foods that you’re either all on board with or can’t stand (likely from the smell or texture most of the time). So just like you would feed a child, multiple reintroductions are key to expand your palate. For example boiled versus steamed versus sauteed versus roasted broccoli all taste very different. So with seafood, the same rule applies – switch up your method of cooking. Here are some of our favorite ways:



Cook it with high heat (and less time) or cook it with low heat (and more time) there’s no wrong way to go! There are two schools of thought here and it really depends on what fish (and it’s thickness) you’re cooking. Play around with both methods and see what works best for you.



Want the grill taste without firing up the grill? Season your fish as you’d like and turn your fish skin side up when ready to broil. It’s a fast method to keep an eye out!



Another high heat method, but with all the outdoor and wood flavors but be sure to cook this one skin side down (leave the skin on to enhance the flavor)



Warm up your sauce of choice in a pan (or water in a pot, but we like infusing flavor quickly!) and submerge your seafood in. The warmth will slowly cook through it as well as intensify the flavors.


Pan Roasting

Depending on the type, thickness, and overall feel you are going for this is one of our Dietitian’s favorite ways to cook seafood. Coat your pan with an oil of your choice, start with the skin side down, let your fish go for a few minutes on each side and pull it off to rest. 


Still intimidated by cooking seafood but want to start incorporating more? Ask our team to steam it for you! You’ll be getting the benefits without pulling out the cooking utensils. This will also allow you to season it yourself when you’re home with whatever is on the menu that night!


Speaking of seasoning, another tip would be to play around with how you season it. We love using fresh citrus, fresh and dried herbs, jarred sun dried tomatoes and olives, jarred pesto, and so much more!


Here are some of our favorite ways from the Seafood Nutrition Partnership:

Tuna Salad With Avocado and Lemon

White Fish Pasta In A Flash

Pesto Salmon Sheet Pan

California Roll Bowl

Fish Skewers with Cilantro Lime Rice

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