Dietitian Homegating Top Picks

Tailgating looks a little different this year but our top picks still remain a must-have on our game day spread!


Thomas Light English Muffins

  • Since gatherings aren’t as big as they use to be these english muffins are great to make individual pizzas with a high fiber content that will keep you full and satisfied the whole game
    • Want an even lower carb option? Check out these eggplant pizzas we made last month!

Pizza Sauce

  • Speaking of pizza, let’s talk about sauce! Not only are you getting the benefit of a veggie, not a full serving but a little bit! We’re using ____ sauce since this sauce is lower on the sodium end. Not only is this great for pizza, but you can use it to top your eggs, pour any leftover sauce into a tomato based soup, or if you don’t have fresh tomatoes for your burgers sub pizza sauce!

Canned Beans

  • From crockpot chili to mashing them up to make a paste or dip, even as a topping for a nacho bar this high protein and fiber food can help keep your hunger in check this season!

Individual Bags of Chips

  • Portion control at it’s finest! While we love to incorporate all foods, especially the fun ones during special occasions, sometimes portions can be a challenging thing to tackle. Take out the guesswork and buy the individual bags! Not only is it focused on portions, but you reap the other benefits of less clean up, the chips won’t go stale from an open bag, and you can have them whenever you want without fear of letting them go bad.


  • As a dip, sandwich spread, or a general topper, avocados pack a lot of healthy fats into the diet along with a healthy dose of vitamin K, pantothenic acid, copper and folate per serving (⅓ of a medium avocado). Another reason we love them so much is because they can be used on almost anything, pizza, chili, chips to name a few, wink wink, and our favorite meal of the day, breakfast!