Drink Up Wellness

Drinkable supplements are quite trendy this time of year and there are a couple of things we want you to know! 

  1. They are not a cure
    1. Some supplements make pretty big claims when promising weight loss, control over an illness or disease or even stating something as general as to better your health. To that, we say proceed with caution. There is no magic fix for any of those examples but there are routines and better habits you can put in place while utilizing these supplements.
  2. They might have some benefits
    1. A perfect example would be protein powder. Let’s say you’re not a big eater but you have a goal to increase your protein intake to meet your minimum requirements. A protein powder drink might be a quick and easy fix to help you meet your goal


Ways to use protein powder: in smoothies/shakes/beverages, soups/stews, baked goods, etc. Our favorite ways:

  • Premier protein as “creamer” in our coffee
  • Protein powder in baked goods to amp up the nutrition content
  • Collagen in creamy soups


Ways to use tea: as a drink, increasing flavor in baked goods/soups, etc. Our favorite ways:

  • Made into a gummy. Brew the tea like normal and add an unflavored gelatin packet
  • Brewed into water to add flavor to a cake to add more moisture there
  • Making it into a fancy tea with additives