Essential Oils For Her

Essential oils are all the rage and have some pretty big hype claims surrounding them. One of the big things to note here is that since the FDA doesn’t regulate essential oils the challenge becomes trusting the quality of the product. A couple of things to look for in a brand are: the company’s reputation and research of the product, looking at the label to make sure they are a 100% pure oil instead with no added fragrance, dark colored glass containers, and comparing pricing. A few brands we love are Aura Cacia, Pranarom, and NOW with the research that they have backing their products. Not that the use of essential oils is new, but the clinical research is newer. So, let’s look at a few essential oils that have a growing amount of research behind them:


Lavender: often used to promote a feeling of calm or relaxation. It might even aid in attaining better sleep and is probably one of the most widely used essential oils


Orange: generally known as a uplifting oil especially when mixed with other warm or familiar scents


Peppermint: not only does this have a familiar and refreshing scent but it’s commonly used for helping to stimulate the senses and maintain focus.It can be applied topically and produce a cooling sensation also helping with headaches or migraines


Lemon: generally known as a mood booster but also has cleaning capabilities


Eucalyptus: along with the refreshing scent it’s said that this oil might aid in keeping bugs away as well as aid in better breathing and help with chest congestion