Everything Maple Top Picks

Fall flavors are in full swing and there are some pretty fun and unique ways to partake in the season. Everything from sweet, to savory and long meals to simple products we’ve got you covered. Here are the maple products we are loving:

  • Boars Head Maple Glazed Turkey
    • This American Heart Association check product continues to be a number one hit on our list during the fall season, but all-year round to be honest. Packing a protein punch with the delightful savory notes you can use deli turkey at any meal during the day!
  • Coombs Family Farms Maple Stream Sprayable Syrup
    • If you’re watching your portion sizes for sweeter treats we’ve got just the trick. A serving size of maple syrup is roughly 2 Tbsp (about 27g of carbohydrate) and inevitably sinks in quickly to that delicious pancake having you add more. With this sprayable syrup it allows you do get the sweet maple flavor all over you pancake for about 1 Tbsp. Talk about a sweet treat!
  • Kodiak Cakes Maple flapjacks
    • 60 seconds in the microwave and ¼ cup water or milk for a heavenly breakfast treat. Pair this with a glass of Fairlife skim milk and you’ve got a quick, on-the-go high protein breakfast. 
  • RX Maple Almond Butter
    • Whether you are using this as a topping to your oatmeal breakfast, on a sandwich, with an apple as a snack or flavoring up your traditional thai peanut sauce there are no limitations with these single serve nut butters. 
  • Nature’s Path Grain Free Maple Almond Granola
    • With 8g carbohydrate, 2g fiber and 6g protein in a ⅓ cup serving this is a perfect addition to top oatmeal or yogurt. You could even pulse it in a food processor to use as a grain-free breading to your next oven baked chicken!

Serves 4

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