Favorite Freezer Finds For National Frozen Foods Month

Frozen foods have some awesome nutritional, as well as health benefits. Take a stroll down the freezer aisle, virtually or in-store to check out what’s new!


Frozen Vegetables

From our simple veggies that can be used in anything from plain side dishes to being tossed in casseroles and soups all the way to blended and seasoned this is a great way to increase the fiber content of your plate and keep you feeling full. Vegetables offer so much variety and nutritional benefit that it’s hard not for us to hit these year after year when it comes to our must-have freezer items. Not to mention they are always “in-season” when looking for quality flavor! If you’re looking to try freezer vegetables that pack a flavor punch without any additional thought on your end, we suggest Tommy’s because their flavor profile is always on point with a good ingredient list! Our recent favorite is their Texas BBQ seasoned Brussels Sprouts.


Frozen Fruit

Again, frozen produce offers us year-round delicious flavor sure to bring maximum enjoyment to your smoothies. Here’s the thing though, there’s so much more to do with it than just smoothies. You could make anything from baby food purees to sauces to put on top of proteins or use as a baking substitute. The options are limitless when it comes to these powerhouses. One unique and indulgent option is the TruFru chocolate covered cherries, raspberries and blueberries that deliver nutrition while being lightly coated in chocolate.



Yup, we said it! We love our carbohydrates and since it’s in the freezer already, it’s a great way to keep it fresh and decrease food waste. The Silver Hills Sprouted Grain bread is an excellent choice for those who are sensitive to gluten or are looking for a higher fiber option.