French Fry Nachos With FreshCut Hacks

Fried foods are definitely not off limits. In the case of bettering your football watching spread we enter in the oven and air fryers to lighten up the food’s calories while still delivering a flavorful crunch. These lower fat and sodium fries, compared to a few others in our set, are a great option to control what you can.

What You Need

1 Bag Alexia French Fries With Sea Salt

½ c. Shredded Cheese

½ c. Shredded Chicken

½ c. Fresh Cut Onion

½ c. Fresh Cut Guacamole

½ c. Fresh Cut Tomatoes

OPTIONAL: 3 Tbsp. Sauce of Choice (we suggest a Franklin’s Spicy BBQ, Terrapin Ridge Farms Bacon Aioli, or Signature Kitchen Buffalo Sauce)

 How It’s Made:

  1. Cook fries according to package directions in a cast iron skillet
  2. Top with cheese, shredded chicken, onion, guacamole and sauce

Serves 6

Nutritional Facts:
Plate icon

Calories 235
Total Fat 12g
Cholesterol 23mg
Sodium 356mg

Carbohydrates 22g
Fiber 3g
Sugar 2g
Protein 8g

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