Fuel Up Like An Athlete

Sports season is upon us and while it looks vastly different than years past, how we train and fuel, even if we aren’t athletes, doesn’t. 


Pre-fuel depends on a number of things but mainly how you feel. This idea of pre-fuel is nothing new. So how can we utilize whole foods to give us the jolt of energy we are looking for? Simple, eat those carbohydrates! Yup, we said it. Carbohydrates help give the body quick energy that allow you to fuel the intensity of your workout or curb a hunger pain you might be coming into if it’s close to your next meal or snack. Sticking to a small serving is key, about ¼ cup of fruit can do the trick. Again, everyone is different so find what works best for you.


Post fuel

Depending on your goals, timing of a workout, intensity and duration, type of workout, ect will depend on your nutrient needs for post workout fuel (aka food and drink). Most of the time we suggest getting in a well balanced meal or snack focused around protein, fat, and carbohydrate since they all play a role in muscle regrowth. Another thing to keep in mind when refueling is to re-hydrate.


We love this Kodiak Cakes pancake mix with it’s added protein for post workout fuel. So how did we make this you might ask? We followed the package directions using milk! We used an ultrafiltered 1% milk to add in a little bit of fat as well as more protein and fewer carbohydrates since those are mainly coming from the mix and blueberries. Give it a mix, and pour the batter in a circle shape and place blueberries in the seam pattern of a basketball to root for your favorite team this month. This is a great way to get in a quick post-workout snack or meal, again depending on when and where you placed your workout in the day, as well as make-ahead portable breakfast idea.