Fun Chinese New Year Products to Try

Celebrate the year of the rat by trying some festive new flavors on our ethnic aisle and around the store!


Fresh Produce

  • Napa Cabbage, Eggplant, Mung bean sprouts and bok choy oh my! While this list is not exhaustive, these traditional produce items are eaten in traditional and modern dishes alike


Spicely Organic Chinese Spices

  • Amp up your spice cabinet with these fun flavors that you don’t only have to use with chinese specific dishes


Teawell Macha green tea

  • Matcha has a very distinct herbaceous flavor and while it might turn some people off, it’s wellness in a cup to others. Did you know that it’s high in antioxidants? Yup! So not only is it beneficial but it can also help you increase your daily fluid intake by incorporating it into your routine.


Lundberg Jasmine Rice

  • With it’s fluffy, yet slightly sticky texture, opt for the brown rice version to add on an extra gram of fiber per serving. It might not seem like a lot, but when you add it to your daily total it’s a win when attempting to hit the daily minimum (25g for a female, 38g for a male)