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Fun Treats To Share With Your Dog

It can be tempting to want to give your furry friend some of your favorite foods, but it can be scary not knowing what’s safe to share. If you’re the type to sneak something under the table for Fido, here are some great (safe) ideas for what you can give them!

Pasta and Rice

If it’s fully-cooked and whole grain, unseasoned pasta or rice can be a wonderful treat for your dog! It’s good for their tummies in small amounts and tastes wonderful!

Bread or Pretzels

Low-sugar breads like whole-wheat and unsalted, unseasoned pretzels can be great for your bud’s taste buds in small amounts as well!

Popcorn or Kettle Corn

Delicious, easy to share, easy to eat—again, keep it unsalted and unbuttered and this can be a great, fun snack for your pup!

Doggie Ice Pops

These can be not only a fun treat for your pup, but also a quick, fun project for you, too! Purée some fruits that your dog likes, apples are a great option, mix with some peanut butter and some water, pop it in the freezer, and your dog can have a delicious frozen treat that’s wonderful for the hot weather!


Cheese is a great source of protein and healthy fats in small amounts, and because of that, trainers use it regularly as a reward during the process!


Not only is this a fantastic source of protein that’s easily digestible for your doggie, they’re great for their coat and healthy enough that they’re a great daily addition to their food! No seasonings, though, as usual; a lot of seasonings can upset your friend’s tummy.

Lean Meat

Of course, lean meat is perfectly healthy for your pup! It’s what their diet mostly consists of in any case, just make sure to avoid fatty meats like bacon, and of course avoid seasoning the meat they’re eating. Tuna, chicken (no bones!), and lean beef are all delicious options for man’s best friend!

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