Gluten-Free Beers and Their Snack Pairings

Gluten-free doesn’t mean healthier. Case in point, this blog post is still about beer. With so much research surrounding alcohol (good and not-so-good outcomes), it truly does come down to moderation and paying attention to portion size. With that being said, let’s talk about serving size. A serving of beer is 12oz, with males being able to drink upwards of two servings a day and females one. Social drinking can be a challenge when meals and snacks get involved so a few ways to help foster mindfulness:

  • Sip on water before your beer comes
  • Sip on water while indulging on your beer
  • Set down your beverage and wipe your hands free from your snack to take time between bites/sips
  • Allow a few moments between bites. Savor the flavors
  • Take time to talk between bites/sips

With all of these things in mind, really enjoy your beer of choice. Take the time to truly taste the flavor profile of the beer, how the bubbles dance across your tongue, and the atmosphere you are in. Here are a couple of perfect pairings to enjoy on your next at-home happy hour or gathering.

Dogfish Head Tweason Ale

  • guacamole and beanitos

Stone Delicious IPA

  • gluten-free meatloaf

Omission Lager

  • Bulk bin spicy Cajun nuts

Redbridge Amber Lager

  • $5 Friday sushi (with no soy sauce)


  • Peaches wrapped with boars head prosciutto

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