Grab And Go Lunches With The Lifestyle Tags

When you only have a few seconds in the morning to throw together a quick lunch, it is important to keep it simple and stress free. Foods such as pre-cut veggies, fruit, and sliced sandwich meat are great examples of “keeping it simple” foods. Even with limited time on your hands, it is important to get in good protein, fats, whole grains, and a variety of fruits & veggies. To save time in the morning, whip together chicken or tuna salad the night before or pre-slice and bag all fruits and veggies. Doing the most time consuming part the night before makes a huge difference for the morning ahead. One less decision you have to make in the morning, the better. Here we have listed some ideas where the hardest part might be just to put it all in a lunch box!


Allergy Friendly

  • Protein: deli sliced ham
  • Vegetable: baby carrots
  • Fruit: banana
  • Dairy-Alternative: dairy free cheese stick
  • Grain: gluten free crackers



  • Protein: sliced turkey
  • Vegetable: lettuce and tomato
  • Fruit: guava
  • Dairy: greek yogurt
  • Grain: whole wheat bread


Diabetes Lifestyle

  • Protein: hard boiled egg
  • Vegetable:cucumber
  • Fruit: berries
  • Dairy: low-fat cheese stick
  • Grain: whole wheat crackers


No Sugar Added

  • Protein: salmon packet
  • Vegetable: salad mix
  • Fruit: avocado
  • Dairy: low-fat shredded cheese

Grain: 1 minute rice and quinoa cup