Heart Healthy Sweets Charcuterie Board

We’ve put a fun heart healthy spin on our 80/20 diet approach. If you’re just now joining in, 80/20 is a dietary approach to creating flexibility in your eating habits to help you find a nutritious new normal by choosing nutrient dense foods 80% of the time and fun foods 20% of the time.

So keeping the 20% top of mind, when we do indulge let’s be mindful of how much you are indulging. For example, is it one chocolate covered strawberry or 20. So let’s talk about serving size vs. mindful eating. A serving size of walnuts is 12-14 halves or about ¼ of a cup for 190 calories. A mindful eating approach would think through the thought, “would ¼ cup walnuts satisfy my current hunger”? If it doesn’t, would you like to have more walnuts or would you like to have a meal?

So the point now becomes, getting back in touch with your hunger and fullness cues. A serving size is found on the back of a package but doesn’t tell you your unique and individual needs. For example, a 13 year old male soccer player will have different needs than a 26 year old female olympian athlete. So cue our mini heart healthy charcuterie board full of heart health benefits and indulgence.

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