Heart Your Cart During Heart Health Month

Putting your heart health at the forefront in your shopping cart brings long-lasting benefits beyond just a healthy heart. With that healthy heart you are able to focus on your lifestyle goals be it weight gain, weight loss, muscle mass gain, bettering your blood lab levels, and maintaining overall good health. Outside of cardiovascular exercise and weight training there are some great things to be putting in your shopping cart weekly to make better-for-you choices when it comes to your heart. Here are our top favorites

  • Fruits and Veggies: be it fresh, frozen, or canned they all have some pretty great benefits. Stay mindful if there are any sauce or seasonings added.
  • Pacifica Bone Broth: with 90mg of sodium per cup
  • Salmon: Be it fresh frozen or canned the fish selection is endless. Make sure it is free of breadings and sauces or packed in water, respectively. 
  • Nuts: weather you eat them plain or spice them up with a fun seasoning nuts are packed with heart healthy omega threes
  • Beans: filled with fiber they can easily be used in additional to soups, salads or side dishes to increase nutrition content

Another great way to increase the heart healthy aspect of your cart is to look for the “American Heart Association” checkmark on items in the delic case or in the aisles for quick reference.