How To Better Your Spread

It’s finally here! THE BIG GAME! We all enjoy yummy game-day foods, but what can make these recipes or lavish spreads even better? Look no further, we’ve got our yearly top 5 hacks!


It’s All About The Food

Sometimes, presentation does matter! There are ways to present your dishes in a fashionable manner. When choosing your theme, you can also look at the types of platters that you will be serving your recipes on. Try using a tiered tower for a layered look that provides multiple options on one platter (ex: higher protein chips on one level and veggies on another), or a small football shaped platter for bite-sized cookies.


Fresh Is In!

Choosing fresh herbs, spices, and veggies can add all kinds of flavors, noteable aromas, and nutrients to your dish. Choosing the fresh-route can also add more visual appeal to your dish. Some swap-outs you can try are:

-fresh rosemary and oregano instead of italian spice blend

-dried asian chilis instead of hot sauces

-freshly minced garlic and onion instead of garlic salt and onion powder

-fresh lemon juice and zest as garnish instead of concentrated lemon juice

-chopped roma tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes or tomato paste 


Decorate & Celebrate

There is nothing liking showing off your football season spirit like you can through food or

table decorations. Choosing the recipes can be challenging, but why not make them look appetizing too? Here are some decorative ideas on recipes and table decor:

-a watermelon carved into a helmet is a sweet, tasty, and hydrating treat in between the

cheers and hoorays

-football shaped cookies from our bakery that you can swing by the baking aisle and pick up your teams color to have the kiddos decorate for the team you’re rooting for

-one-skillet-dish dip: you can’t go wrong with a one-skillet, cheesy, buffalo chicken dip

using pretzels, chips, pita chips, or toasted baguette bread! Look at our blog from yesterday to get the recipe!

-meatball kabobs: beef meatballs served with marinara sauce, fresh onion, bell

pepper, and a cube of cheese Kabob style!


Make Fresh Infused Water

Having beverage choices on the sidelines is a crowd pleaser! Using a combination of a citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit), an herb (mint, rosemary, cilantro), fruit (mango, blueberries, apple, strawberries, kiwi, etc.) or a vegetable (cucumber, jalapeno, ginger, carrots, beets, etc.). Plus, it adds color to your drink of choice!


-It’s the thought that counts:

As a party host, serving food to a large party or for a small gathering may require some

mindfulness. Not everyone is able to eat all foods. This includes cheese, tree nuts, meat,

eggs, even certain oils can negatively affect someone’s body. Choosing foods that

are safe for those with specific food needs would be the talk of the party. Here are some ways you can accommodate:

-ask your guests in advance if they are comfortable with you preparing food that is safe for them to consume or if they would rather bring their own food. This shows them that you care and allows them to feel more comfortable knowing you are able and willing to accommodate their needs.

-in the food preparation stages, it is best to first make the specific food items meant for their needs. This will prevent cross-contamination of other ingredients that can possibly make them sick

-secure their specific foods in a container of their own, again, to avoid cross-contamination

-label the food items so that you and others knows it is made for those who can safely eat them


Last but not least, ENJOY! Just like food, The Big Game is meant to bring people together for friendly competition, bonding, and comradery. Being able to enjoy this time with others is a great way to make memories and to WOW your group with fun, savory, and delicious recipes. Give these top 5 tips to make your spread better a shot!