How To Grill Produce

Grilling produce can add such a depth of flavor and give a different life to foods that can reawaken the summer time taste buds. Just about any vegetable can be thrown on the grill depending on the size and we’re here to help you along the way with a few ideas.

Our top 3 tasty tips for sealing in those beautiful grill marks and delicious flavor are:

  1. Oil up the veggies – not the grill. Give your veggies a light even toss in a little oil to help build the char marks and not stick to the grates
  2. Close the lid. This helps actually cook and not just char the veggies.
  3. Season with simplicity.  We love to grill up a bunch of things at work because let’s be honest getting out the grill in Texas heat isn’t always the most fun task. So save yourself some time with future meals by grilling the veggies with simple seasonings (ie: salt, pepper, garlic) so you can revamp them in multiple ways.

Last pro tip that we will leave you with is get the drill HOT! Like 375 and above, close to 450 if you can. The veggies might look a little dry when you first pull them off of the grill, but give them time as when they rest they will sweat and deflate a bit.