How to Heart Your Foods

Heart shapes are all the rage right now and for a fun reason! But it doesn’t have to be just sweets. If you have access to a knife and heart shaped cookie cutter you can make quite a few fun shapes from fruits and veggies.


Carrot/Cucumber/Eggplant: cut a v-shape along the length of the cylindrical vegetable. Then on both sides of the vegetable towards the opposite (future) tip, cut thin slices off until it comes to a point.


With other soft vegetables (cucumbers, bell peppers, eggplant, potatoes), fruits (apples, mango, bananas, etc), cheeses (cheddar, brie, manchego, etc), and meats (just be sure to ask for a thick slice) use a small or large cookie cutter.


Thin Slices of meat are also very easy to cut into hearts! Fold a slice of meat in half and cut half of a heart. When you “unfold” it, it will become a full heart!