How To Set Your Day Up For Success

Our expertise lies in the food realm but here we are talking about a few more generalized things. We’ve talked to guests before with how to use these topics in relation to food and nutrition 


Create Daily Routines

Around morning, after school, and evenings routines can be powerful. See what we did there? Routines and schedules are two different things. Routines are generally a flexible outline and schedules are a bit more rigid. Routines can help build confidence in all parties


Eat and Drink to Nourish

Eating and drinking nourishing meals and snacks throughout the day help set you up for great things. We’ve seen it studied from children to adults. For example, when children are more nourished they generally are better test takers. In athletes, when they are fueled properly they can also perform better. In adults who take lunch breaks, they see better performance outcomes, and raises. 


Move Regularly

Regular physical activity has so many benefits. The AHA recommends a minimum of 150 minutes a week and more (300 to be exact) to better the gains you are striving for. With that in mind create a routine (remember what we said about routines earlier in the article) of what that looks like for you. Do you like going to the gym, on a hike, or a zumba class? What inspires you to move regularly. Start there and see where it takes you.


Laugh and Play

As a new mom one of the best pieces of advice I received was to: “nap when the baby naps and do dishes when the baby does dishes”. Not only did that help mentally set me up for the workload of motherhood to increase but it shined light on how important your time is. There is always time for chores but there is not always enough time for play. Take advantage of the moments to laugh and play with how you’re learning to feed your little one, playing a game, or just getting on their level to see them. Laughter and play inspires connection, and when we transition in life connection is crucial for success no matter your age.