International Women’s Day Brands

It’s international women’s day and we’ve got some extraordinary women owned brands that are delicious and equally nutritious on our shelves and all around the store. Check out why we love them below!



We love a good alternative pasta to bring on new flavors and textures to a dish. This chickpea and lentil pasta is fantastic for increasing the amount of protein and fiber in your traditional pasta focused dishes. To all of our guests who want more plants in their life this plant-based option doesn’t get any better (unless you add more plants to your dish)!


Kohana coffee

Inspired in Hawaii and created in Austin this women owned business is giving us a jolt start to our day in the best way possible. Their cold brew concentrate is simple and can be used in so many ways from your morning cup of coffee to added into a late night dessert.


Base culture

This brand is a sweet treat that is gluten free, grain free, and paleo! We’ve got options across the store like their freezer bread, to shelf-stable almond butters. Trust us, when you pair the bread with the nut butter and a cup of coffee you’re morning will be off to a decadent start.



Who doesn’t love overnight oats? The name might be a little confusing but once you try it you’re sure to love it. Being dairy free, gluten free, and nothing artificial this brand is very conscious of what their consumers are looking for. Read those nutrition labels because some of them have zero added sugars, which is pretty great in our opinion!


Lunch skins

While this one isn’t food based, we do love supporting a sustainable choice. One of their missions is to give back 1% of profits to the planet. Their packaging is not only recyclable but also sealable. This is a great way to help reduce the amount of plastic waste in your family if you’re looking for a better alternative.