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Keep Your Kitchen Clean Without Losing your Cool

If keeping the dishes out of the sink isn’t the bane of your existence, we don’t know what is. By the time we’ve navigated the minutiae of the day, the last thing we want to do is don a pair of rubber gloves and dive into a sink full of soapy gunk.

The leaning tower of dishes seems harmless in the moment, but later it could be the difference between cooking a homemade meal and costing your family money and calories with greasy takeout. Simply put: being a dish-crastinator is a slippery slope, but if you follow these quick tips, we’ll be able to rinse your dishwashing woes down the drain in no time.

Clean As-You-Go

Just finished chopping veggies and they’re currently roasting in the oven? Clean your knife and cutting board. Just put your chicken on dinner plates? Rinse out your pan, so the grease doesn’t stick. Cleaning as-you-go may seem agonizing, but you’ll thank yourself when you only have dinner plates left to clean after eating.

Share The Load

Sharing is caring—at least that’s what you tell your kiddos, right? Take a page out of your own book by enforcing a kitchen rule that splits the responsibility of cleanup with everyone enjoying the meal. Cooking for your husband tonight? Make him man up for dish duty, and dinners will be less daunting for everyone.

Use Fewer Dishes

This tip sounds like a no-brainer, but in reality, it can be hard to execute! Embrace the one-pot dinner trend, use paper plates for less-fancy meals or line all your pans with tin foil to eliminate cleanup and grease.

Avoid “the Pit”

It’s easy to leave just one glass in the sink for later, but after a few more get added to “the pit” (a.k.a your sink) things can quickly become unmanageable. Stay ahead of the game by placing all dirty dishes in the dishwasher as they are being used.

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