Local Lonestar Melons

Lonestar Texas Yellow Dews are in season and we had them first and exclusively last year and are so excited to have them yet again for another season! They are picked fresh in San Juan, Texas on the Rio Grande River and deliver a sweet summertime bite as the days grow long. The sandy soil of the river valley is the best soil for growing melons. This bright yellow on the outside and more pastel on the inside melon is sweeter than a honeydew but not too sweet like honey. The dark golden color lets the farmers know when they are ripe and are ready to eat. The farmers nicknamed them “sprite” because of the super sweet citrus notes.

Coming in at a whopping 64 calories per cup, 16 grams of carbohydrate, 1.4 grams of fiber and about 90% water using this local and seasonal fruit brings a powerful bang for your buck when creating meals and snacks. You can flavor your water with them, puree it up into a refreshing smoothie, dice it and top a savory protein like chicken or shrimp, even top it onto cottage cheese for a boost in fluid as well as carbohydrates for a well rounded snack. With it being about 90% water, which most melons are, this fruit can help you stay hydrated along with your water during the day.

Remember when we hyped up immune boosting foods about a year ago? Well vitamin C is one of those nutrients this food is considered a good source of. It’s also a good source of magnesium! If you want to read up more on those click here.