Be on the Lookout for Leeks

Good news, veghead! You’ve got a brand new way to be green. Leeks are simple, tasty, and offer a savory flavor structure similar to an onion. Give your meal an exciting twist by subbing leeks for cabbage or onion in your next meal.

LOOKS LIKE: A large green onion with the same thickness throughout, with a white bulb and broad green leaves spreading out from halfway, up.

TASTE LIKE: They’re in the same family as onions with a milder, heartier taste.

HOW TO COOK: Sautee your leeks with grilled with red meats in soups and stews to bring out their natural savory flavor.

WHY THEY’RE GOOD FOR YOU: Leeks are a great source of Vitamin K, manganese, copper, Vitamin B6, and dietary fiber.

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