Mother’s Day Bubbly Drinks

We love getting creative past the typical momosa (see what we did there?) So to help you get creative in the beverage department make sure you know the mom in your life. Does she like it syrupy sweet or on the dry side?

Prosecco, Cava, Champagne, Brut, Sparkling: What’s the Difference?

Trying to select a sparkling in our wine department but not sure where to start? As our beer and wine stewards to help guide you since they have a good knowledge of flavor profiles if you tell them what you’re after. But did you know that there is a difference in all of these? Champagne can only come from Champagne, France. Cava can only come from Spain. Prosecco can only come from Italy. Brut and Sparkling can come from just about anywhere depending on how it’s made! So let our team help guide you.

Sparkling Alternatives

Not into drinking alcohol? No problem. There are plenty of fun sparkling beverages that are fun and bubbly and can be easily subbed. Try things like ginger beer, Waterloo, La Croix, Topo Chico, Pellegrino, Tonic Water to name a few.

Add ins

  • Wine
  • Pureed fruit
  • 100% fruit juice
  • Tomato Juice
  • Fresh Citrus
  • DIY Simple Syrups



  • Herbs
  • Fresh/Frozen/Canned fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Flowers

Here are some of our favorites:

 Lime Topo Chico, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Agave, Cilantro, Sliced Jalapeno

Ginger Beer, Pureed Strawberries and Basil

Prosecco with fresh strawberries and thyme