Mother’s Day Wellness Must Haves

Does your mom like to be pampered but struggles to find the time? We’ve got a few of our favorite items from around the living well section of our store sure to elevate mom’s day.


Aura cacia car diffuser

If your mom loves essential oils in the home, there’s a safe bet she will love this! It’s a diffuser for the car! Genius right?! She may have a favorite scent or home blend already but we love the NOW calm blend because when picking up or dropping off the clan, it’s nice to have a few more tools in the toolbox.


Aura cacia pillow potion

Sleep is a powerful tool in the parenting world. Lack of sleep is all too common depending on what stage your kids are in, or maybe you can’t shut your brain off with the running to-do list. We get it. This little self-care item helps us wind down a little more since it’s not only part of the ritual but “scents” that are known for relaxation.


Sukin sheet mask

The Sukin sheet masks are a fun self-care item to give you a little boost in whichever area of mask you choose. We’ve got a few options to choose from and all of them have been fun to use. Sheet masks are a fun way for us to grab a few more fun minutes as a mom, sip coffee, and just be still for a moment to enjoy the ride we’re on.


Saavy Sugar Scrub

Up your shower game! Showers as a mom can be a quick rinse to a full on 20 minute bath. If you’re somewhere in between we encourage you to add this one to the mothers day gift basket to give mom a few more minutes in the shower to exfoliate and step out of the shower revitalized. The scents are excellent and the texture it leaves on your skin is so giving.


Andalou Body Lotion

As dietitians we talk a lot about hydration from liquids and while we aren’t the experts in skin care help your skin lock in the hydration with body lotion! We’ve been enjoying the ones from andalou. Not only does it lock in moisture, but helps soften the skin with its blend of ingredients. 


Neutrogena Sun Rescue

Pair this one with sunscreen! We mamas have all been there, everyone got a sunscreen application but us or we forgot to re-apply. Whatever the case may be, this is a fun new product for us when the sun hits us a little too hard that day at the fields or in the garden. It helps relieve dehydrated skin that is formula with hyaluronic acid and provides 48 hours of moisturization to help prevent peeling due to dryness. It’s non-sticky, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy, leaving skin soft, supple and soothed.


Pacha Soap Co Bath Bomb

Every now and then we moms can make time for a bath and to make it extra time worthy we are grabbing a bath bomb! These USA handcrafted bombs have naturally derived ingredients, don’t test on animals, and are raising the bar with their purpose driven company.