National Bagel & Pizza Day!

National pizza and national bagel day?! When we found out these two were on the same day it was a match made in heaven. Now let’s get down to business with nutrition! There are 4 main components to think about – (1) the bagel (2) the sauce (3) the toppings and (4) the cheese. Bagels can be tricky, since most of the time they are about 4 portions now a days. With that said, let’s focus on some ways to stay mindful with what we are consuming. 

  1. Choose any larger bagel and eat ½ of it
  2. Hollow out a little bit of the inside to decrease the carbohydrate load and fill the inside with cooked veggies/sauce 
  3. Look for a bagel that has 3g of fiber or more


Some of our favorite bagels

  • Dave’s Killer Bread Bagels
  • Silver Hills Sprouted Grain Bagels
  • Pepperidge Farm Mini Bagels 


Some of our favorite sauces

  • Rao’s Pasta Sauce
  • Cucina Antica Pasta Sauce
  • Signature Reserve Tomato Garlic Sauce


Some of our favorite toppings

  • Any vegetable
  • Any fruit (some familiar ones include pineapple, apples, pears, figs)
  • Any protein