National Beer Day with Pairings

The dietitians are talking about beer? Of course! Fun fact: did you know that beer has a little potassium and b-vitamins to it? Who knew! Of course we are more inclined to encourage you to get these nutrients from whole food sources because there are simply more benefits but the occasional beverage is welcomed in the lifestyle you create for yourself. With that said it really is about the quality for us, over quantity! We could sip on a good hazy IPA or amber lager much longer than other options so ultimately ordering fewer drinks and enjoying the flavor more. Here are our six favorite spring pairings with the craft beers hitting our shelves that you should build-your-own six pack with.


Beer: Tupps All Citra Double Dry Hopped

Food: Dietitian Top Pick ReadyMeals Lemon Garlic Pork Medallions

Why it Works: The cleanliness of the beer and the lemon garlic sauce are the perfect pairing and is full of rich vibrant flavor


Beer: Hop & String Ain’t It Funky Sour Ale with Peaches & Cream

Food: Ready Meals Green Chicken Chili Enchiladas with a southwest bagged salad kit

Why it Works: With the slight spice from the enchiladas and the sourness of the ale the opposite flavor profiles here are excellent


Beer: Deep Ellum Brewing Co Neato Bandito

Food: Leals White Queso and Chips is the perfect indulgent choice 

Why it Works: All things Texas here – what’s not to love? The umami cheese notes against the crisp neato bandito is wonderful


Beer: Legal Draft Beer Company Hung Jury Hefeweizen

Food: ReadyMeals Mediterranean Salmon with an extra squeeze of lemon

Why it Works: Fresh fish with bright acidity compliments the natural flavor profile of the hefeweizen


Beer: Independence Brewing Co Stash IPA

Food: Dietitian Top Pick ReadyMeals Chicken Skewer Kabobs with your choice of a spicy sauce

Why it Works: the bitterness and hoppiness of the IPA will cut and cleanse the palate from the spicy sauce you choose for contrast


Beer: Armadillo Ale Works Honey Please Mesquite Bean Blonde

Food: Charcuterie Tray

Why it Works: The sweet and savory notes of the charcuteries is in harmony with this blonde ale’s sweet undertones