National Beer Day

Happy National Beer Day! Now while this isn’t the traditional “healthy” route, we do love to chat about all food and beverage in moderation. So outside of just pairing your beer with snacks or a meal we thought it would be fun to touch on how to include them in your cooking!

  1. Deglaze your pan
    1. We’ve all seen this done with wine but have you ever thought to use it with beer? We suggest after you cook bratwurst, ground beef, ground chicken, or ground turkey to make a nice little sauce with the flavor left behind. So while splash a few Tablespoons into the pan to get it started and now you can finish the beer with your meal!
  2. Add it to a sauce, soup or stew
    1. From beer cheese queso, stout chili, seafood gumbo, beer yogurt sauces, or mixed with a little olive oil as a dressing and everything in between, beer packs a solid flavor profile with very little effort on your part which is a fun way to use it. We love the “build your own six pack” for this option
  3. Marinades
    1. We’ve all heard of beer can chicken but did you know that you can also use it in marinades? It can be used marinade any protein and helps infuse a ton of flavor while not adding a ton of calories. Think baked pork chops, bison tacos, grilled chicken, and the list can continue but our mouth is already watering!