National Candy Month

Summer means staying up late, hanging by the pool all day, and letting the kids eat treats you typically would forbid. Guilt is the first thing that comes to mind after letting both them and yourself binge on delicious sweets because well, it’s summer. It is easy to feel guilty for eating more than you should of certain foods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat more than you should. Finding the healthy balance and understanding that while yes I should have eaten less, it is okay that I didn’t. This concept falls under the healthy relationship with food we try to maintain. Restricting yourself because a certain food item is “bad” develops an unhealthy mentality that when present, especially in children, can lead to later issues with food. Maintaining a balance and allowing yourself to eat foods, such as candy, in larger amounts is okay and shouldn’t be encouraged everyday can be a nice way to treat yourself and your quest to understanding how balance and moderation fit into a healthy lifestyle. 

There are multiple ways to incorporate candy into the 80/20 diet. For example, find recipes that include a mix of “80” foods and “20” foods to maintain balance. Make a popcorn bar for movie night with different candy options. This provides whole grains from the popcorn while offering a sweet mix with the candy. Spending the day by the pool? Treat yourself to some homemade frozen yogurt. Freeze your favorite brand of greek yogurt, pull out candies and fruits for toppings, and you have a refreshing summer treat. Planning a campout? Make smores with dark chocolate and 100% whole grain graham crackers to put a healthy spin on a summer treat. Making a milkshake? Swap your regular recipe for low fat milk and ice cream, real fruit, and mini pieces of candy to make them balanced.

There are many ways to incorporate treats like candy into a healthy diet. Concepts like moderation and balance within the 80/20 diet allow us to be able to enjoy ourselves while staying healthy. Try out these balanced options to make your summer even sweeter.