National Cheese Day with Cypress Groves!

It’s National Cheese Day and we love including all types of dairy in most all of our meals but cheese takes the cake most of the time whether it’s mixed in an omelette, as a slice on a sandwich, or served  on a cheese platter for a snack. We’ve been getting hyped up lately on different styles and flavors of cheese outside of the traditional american or cheddar and Cypress Groves has really been footing the bill. Here are 5 of their cheeses you can use in different ways throughout your day:


Groves Purple Haze: Crumbled on a green salad with fresh strawberries is the perfect pairing for this cheese

  • Tasting notes of the cheese: an unexpected marriage of lavender and hand-harvested fennel pollen marry so well
  • Pair it with: pilsner or witbier beers OR riesling or sauvignon blanc wines

Sgt. Pepper: Have you seen the popular roasted tomatoes with feta? Use this cheese instead and serve with Banza pasta and more roasted veggies!

  • Tasting notes of the cheese: combination of four peppers, exotic spices, and pepper threads that results in a complex taste experience — with a slight kick in the pants
  • Pair it with: chili beer, porter or stout beers OR pinot noir wine

Herbs de Humboldt: Go simple and put this on your next charcuterie to spread on a cracker or cucumber slice

  • Tasting notes of the cheese: classic in taste with the spice herbs de provence, this fresh goat cheese appeals to the fragrant herbs you love, dried at the peak of the season and ready to transport you to the bountiful, beautiful countryside
  • Pair it with: chili beer or red ale beers OR pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc wines

Ms. Natural: Charcuterie boards generally start with two cheeses (you can plan for 2 ounces per person at a minimum depending on if it’s a snack or meal) so to continue with that idea, put this on your board and drizzle with honey

  • Tasting notes of the cheese: Tart, tangy, and perfectly balanced with no “goaty” aftertaste in sight
  • Pair it with: Lambic or Wheat beers OR prosecco, sancerre, sauvignon blanc wines

Psychedelic: grab a mini bagel, lightly shmear with psychedelic and top with smoked salmon for a fun play on the traditional bagel and lox

  • Tasting notes of the cheese: with just the right amount of aromatic and hand-harvested dill pollen, creating a surprising depth of flavor with a tart and bright finish
  • Pair it with: pale ale or wheat beers OR prosecco, sancerre, or sauvignon blanc wines