National Frozen Foods Month

Not only is March National Nutrition Month but it is also National Frozen Foods Month! Did you know that the process we have today was conceptualized by Clarence Birdseye in 1924? So in reality, we haven’t been practicing freezing things for very long but we most certainly have come a long way with the fun products that are on the shelf. The freezer section has become a staple for so many families and trendy products. So let’s talk about the things we love stocking up our freezer with.

Plain Vegetables

Our tip is to make sure it says only that singular ingredient that way you can control how you want to use it, be it a side dish or in a recipe. This way, it lets you have the creative freedom to adjust your plans as those can change quickly.

Tommy’s Vegetables

With a reasonable amount of added sodium, these pack a flavor punch to your place and are ready in the microwave in 4 minutes to help you get dinner out in a pinch.

Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit makes an excellent snack, topper for ice cream, addition to a smoothie, made into a sauce to be poured over french toast, and the ideas are endless. Make sure there is no added sugar in the package since fruit is naturally sweet.

Tru Fru White & Dark Chocolate Raspberries

A delicious and indulgent treat for any chocolate and fruit lovers out there! You get the sweetness from the white chocolate that pairs nicely with the lightly bitter dark chocolate notes.

Silver Hills Frozen Bread

Sprouted bread has been getting some attention for a while now and for a good reason. Some claim it’s easier on their digestive tract to digest. We’re also here to say it’s just really good! 

Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk Waffles

This is a freezer staple of ours because you can make them sweet or savory, as true waffles or into a waffle breakfast sandwich. The options are endless.

O Organics Egg White, Kale, Sausage Breakfast Bowl

With 23g of protein these bowls can pack a serious meal time punch. Add a slice of toast on the side if that’s your thing to round out this breakfast to keep you fueled all morning!

Frozen Fish

High in protein and low in total and saturated fat we recommend striving for getting in 2 servings of fish a week. There can be some great sales here, compared to the seafood counter so keep an eye out. Opt for the plain versions that way you can control the added ingredients and make your freezer more versatile. 

Frozen Spices

The garlic and basil cubes are our favorite because they pack in so much flavor into a tiny cube without the fuss of taking the time to chop the fresh version.

Cali’Flour Pizza Crust

Simple ingredients with a flavor that returns. This crust gives a great base for you to add any leftovers or intentional pizza toppings to your pizza night!

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