National Ice Cream Day

It’s national Ice Cream Day and we love indulging in a sweet treat. Ice cream, or other alternatives sometimes can get a bad wrap with the amount of sugar and while that’s something to note, it is also valid to make sure we hit on portion size. Portion size was recently increased from a half cup to two-thirds cup since that is what resonates with more of the population. The next time you indulge, pull out that measuring cup to see if you’re sticking to the portion! Now, while we love the traditional flavors and brands there are tons of options now out there for people who are more conscious of sugar or trying to find allergy-friendly options. Here are some of our favorites: 


  • Nada Moo:unbelievably creamy for a dairy free dessert! Using coconut milk and agave these cold treats don’t taste much different from the traditional ice creams on the shelf. Bonus points that it’s a local product we are loving up on in the month of July!
  • Yasso: cute 100 calorie portioned pops, sure to satisfy the sweet tooth after a meal. With big flavors they are also packing a nutritious profile with about 5g of protein per serving. 
  • Fairlife: this lactose free ice cream boosts a strong nutrition profile compared to some of the others in this category and we are enamored with their flavor
  • Signature Sorbet: ok so this isn’t technically ice cream (really none of these are) so we’re going to stick with that trend and add something fruity in here! Luxurious texture while being on the icey side of things.
  • Oatly: light and fluffy, almost cloud like in consistency, this dairy free ice cream hits the spot with it’s smooth texture that melts in your mouth