National Macaroni Day

It’s national macaroni day and we are here for it! Whether we use it in a traditional mac ‘n cheese or use these infamous elbows subbed in a pasta dish we love seeing new products hit the shelf to help make a more nutritious choice:


  • Banza Pasta Elbows
    • This is our top pick in the category with all the benefits of protein and fiber without sacrificing flavor. Banza has been around for a while and the product has gotten better and better with every passing year.
  • Barilla Whole Grain Elbows
    • Keeping on the track of a high fiber nutrient profile, this is our second pick in the category of elbows. We understand that not everyone likes the texture or taste of whole grain so if you are just starting out or really wanting to like it we suggest mixing half white and half whole grain pastas to create your dish.
  • Signature Select Small Elbow Macaroni
    • We love traditional white pasta and it definitely has a place in the diet from time to time! Here’s the kicker though, there are better nutrient profiles now as food technology gets better and better. So when you are eating traditional pasta keep a few things in mind:
      • Watch your portion size
      • Add in additional protein and fiber choices to really amp up the nutrition profile of your meal