National Siblings Day

It’s National Sibling Day! While we love our siblings, we love our whole family. As dietitians we don’t just write meal plans and talk about food. We enjoy getting to know brands and their backstories as well. This allows us to highlight brands when we talk to you, our guests to not only bring you valuable nutrition information but also a fun back-story. Check out these brands that have strong family ties as well as a scrumptious product.



Have you checked out their tortillas in the frozen aisles? Our favorite are the chickpea ones with a more playable texture.


Mammoth Creamery

Cravings something luxurious? This keto-friendly ice cream has a familiar creamy texture without being overly sweet. The trick – let it sit out on the counter for a few minutes to soften up.



From the frozen aisles where you can find their burritos to the center store where you can find their soups, we love Amy’s products. If you’re not into the plant based products, add in a little pulled rotisserie chicken for a higher protein meal.


NOW foods/supplements

In our spring diffuser right now we have the Jasmine essential oil in and it’s divine!


Lundberg Rice

We’ve enjoy rice on everything from savory breakfasts, to lunch salads, to soups. It’s so versatile and a pantry staple.


Lakewood Juice

100% juice is what we always recommend. The flavors are big and delicious with this brand, especially their tart cherry juice if you’re looking for a shot of wellness!