New Products with Your Health In Mind

Like we mentioned last week, there are plenty of new products gracing our shelves and we want you to be in the know. This week has more of a “clean eating” and “mindful eating” approach.


PureJoy Dried Bananas

Simply just dried bananas (and we also love their mangos), this brand is great to use for toddlers to adults when needing a quick snack or as part of a meal. The reason we like it for toddlers in particular is because it has a longer shelf life than it’s fresh counterpart.


Munk Pack

From their bars to their pouches these functional foods give you options for the whole family. We love the pouches from both a baby and toddler perspective when starting solids as well as quick on the go snacks. Don’t feed these in a car seat, #1 for safety reasons and #2 that toddler may end up wearing the pouch because squeezing things is fun (we have personal experience). It’s also a great addition to the diaper bag for the adults with filling wholesome ingredients and doesn’t require additional utensils.


Bobs Red Mill Bob’s Bar

Bars have been around for quite some time and anything that has oats in it, has our attention. This staple food is not only delicious but also functional.


Fond Bone Broth

Slow simmered for 18+ hours these bone broths deliver a deliciously rich flavor. If you still haven’t tried bone broth, this is a good brand to start with. When we think through little ways to add more protein to a guests diet depending on their lifestyle this is one very simple way to do it. Be in the form of soup or cooking a grain or legume this does the trick. 


Yolélé Fonio Ancient Grain

This light and fluffy ancient grain is a fun new addition to our pantries. It is paleo-friendly, gluten free and non-GMO. It is considered an ancient African grain that’s texture is light and fluffy and pairs well with most all dishes.