New Year, New Products

New products are coming onto our shelves often and we want you to be in the know of some of our most recent finds! Let’s talk about not only why we like them but how we might suggest you to consume them


Once Upon A Farm WIC Approved Cups

Putting in more nutritious options for the whole family at the beginning of your health journey is critical. When the family unit is on similar pages the power of a shared goal is more easily accomplished. While you may be thinking that baby food can cross over into your diet, it very much can. These are great for your little ones as well as an easy snack for on-the-go parents. If you pair it up with a protein or fat it can have some big lasting power.


BLK Water

Hydration during the colder months is crucial in not only regulating bodily functions, but also your overall mood, skin health, and even hunger and fullness cues. BLK water is a fun new product to the market with added fulvic acid (and humic) which gives it the black color naturally and some possible health benefits as well. Let’s take a quick step back before we go forward. Fulvic acid is a chemical compound that’s formed when microorganisms in soil break down plant material over long periods of time. It’s function in the body is to bind and eliminate toxins when taking certain levels. While your kidney’s and liver do the primary work of “detoxing” you, this is a fun option that you might play around with. And, who doesn’t love a way to spice up their water intake for the day? While the color might throw you for a loop, it’s taste is smooth, clean and refreshing. Purified alkaline water is the base and it’s primarily sourced from the US and Canada.


Caulipower Pizzas

While these aren’t new to shelf, we still have so many quests who are finding out this product is a game changer on pizza night if you’re looking to liven up the taste and lower the carbs a little bit. With a veggie crust we encourage our guests to keep adding on the veggies with a delicious marinara or pesto and lots of fresh produce like spinach, peppers, mushrooms, olives and the list keeps going. 


Fillos Walking Tamales

With 6g of fiber and 7g of protein for the whole package this takes tamales to a new level for a shelf stable favorite. Add some grilled or sauteed zucchini as a side dish and you’ve got a small meal on your dinner plate in under 5 minutes.


Fila Manila

This sauce adds a ton of flavor for very few calories. Where it can get harder to justify for some may be the sodium content. Stay cognizant of the portion size and how much goodness is being added to your food for a next level flavor bomb.