New Year, New Products Final Round

Terms that are not new to the market but are making their way to your eyes and ears as consumers are ‘artificial color free’, ‘artificial preservative free’, and ‘artificial sweetener free’. While these terms mean they are free of specific things we want you to understand this doesn’t necessarily equate to a ‘healthier’ product. For example a chocolate coated candy is still a chocolate coated candy. See what we mean? Of course this might be a better option for you and your family if you are trying to reduce your intake of artificial items but we still want you to focus on the nutrition label and it’s serving size.


Some delicious products that have these claims on their packages if you are looking to steer clear of them are:

  • H&H Bagels
  • Air Chilled Chicken
  • Applegate Ham or Turkey slices
  • Signature Frozen Produce
  • Once Upon A Farm
  • Signature Select Applesauce Pouches
  • RIND snacks
  • Bear YoYo
  • Brainiac
  • Better Than Bouillon
  • Nuvi Drinking Chocolate
  • Madhava Simpla
  • Sumo Oranges (and really any produce item for that matter, but these are in season and delicious baked into a dish or as a snack)