New Years Resolutions and Champagne Picks

As we’ve navigated through this crazy year, cleaned through our pantries, organized our cooking gadgets, and ate all the quarantine snacks with hopes that this would be over, it’s far from. Going into the new year we have a few wishes for you that you can steal for resolutions!

  1. Find a healthy relationship with food
    1. No two food relationships are alike. Everyone has something that works for them and we encourage you to find yours as we are here to help you create a lifestyle you love.
  2. Flex for foodie muscle
    1. Whether it’s to “ad lib” more with pantry ingredients to create a meal you’ve never had, try a new food, or attempt a new cooking technique, flex your foodie muscle this upcoming year.
  3. Decrease food waste
    1. Americans reportedly toss out 80 billion pounds of food which equates to about $161 billion each year according to the USDA. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s how to be resourceful and adapt to change. Keep this in mind when you’re creating your grocery list – what’s in your fridge you can revamp into another meal or what needs to go into the freezer before it spoils.

So to help bring in the new year with our well wishes and resolutions for you here are our top three picks for the season. No, these are not “healthier” than any others in the category, but they are down right delicious and we want you to enjoy all things in moderation!

  1. Etoile Brut
  2. Mumm Napa Cuvee
  3. Cavaliere D’Oro Prosecco